Suwa Rakshana Weda Medura

Established in 1998, as a joint venture .In the year of 2000, the joint venture was released and developed as a single owner establishment , at No .7, Mahamaya Mawatha, kandy.

Services were for foreign travellers as well as for locals. Panchakarma treatments had been started with food and accommodation facilities in the Guest house next door.In the year of 2005, Ayu-cure centre has been started For Panchakarma treatments with food and accomodation facilities,at No.41 , Pilimathalawa Gardens. 04.k.m. away from the famous Botanical gardens in Peradeniya. Homely atmosphere in country side with greenish view, comfortable rooms, hot and cold water, traditional Ayurveda foods prepared in traditional methods, special attention of a residencial Doctor, personnel care from the time you picked up from the Airport, Free tours according to your treatment packages.

We have been giving services for the last 10 years at No, 7, Mahamaya Mawatha, Kandy. Due to the GOOD and SATISFIED services rendered by us, and due to the COMMENTS sent by our guests, " SUWARAKSHANA WEDA-MEDURA" has been RECOMMENDED by the travelers guide books named " LONELY PLANET, ROUGH GUIDE, SRILANKA ( INSIGHT GUIDES), STEFAN LOOSE. From 1st of August 2012, Due to the renovations of the building at No.7, MAHAMAYA MAWATHA, KANDY, It has been MOVED to our PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT CENTER under the same name " SUWARAKSHANA Weda-medura " AT No.41, PILIMATHALAWA GARDENS, PILIMATHALAWA. KANDY. In the Country side with calm and quite atmosphere. Ideal for Ayurveda therapy with home stay accommodation. Due to the inconvenience caused by the distance, we have REDUCED our prices of the TRAVELERS TREATMENTS PACKAGES of 01 hour to 2 1/2 hours as well as Panchakarma treatment packages of 01 week to 04 weeks. We have INTRODUCED treatment packages of wellness and relaxing, with food and accommodations facilities from 01 day to 06 days. FREE transport will be provided according to the treatment package you selected. Our meeting point is "Joy Boat service" entrance by the Kandy Lake, closer to the Queens Hotel. It is the only Boat service.We are providing rooms (accommodation only) with hot water and attached bath rooms facilities for tourists, for reasonable rates

Dr. Renuka is our chief Doctor. She is a qualified Doctor in the state services. Main consultation will be done at 7.00am everyday. After which, treatments as well as food will be selected according to the body type and condition of each and every guest.

During the day time, we have another doctor to take care of our guests. After 5 pm, Dr. Renuka will return and stay overnight. It is a 24 hour service.

There will be 2 hours treatments in the morning and 2 hours or 1 ½ hours treatment in the afternoon. Among the treatments, there will be head massages, facial massages, full body massages, full body scrubs, shirodhara, herbal baths, steam baths, and fermentation treatments with special herbal packs. And there will be special treatments and medications for special ailments.

     About Ayurveda  

Ayurveda is a science that is widely acknowledged to be the World's oldest system of health.It is an oral tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Only in the last five thousand years was it actually written down. In the name Ayurveda we find it's essential meaning and purpose.The complete knowledge of how to live in harmony with cosmic life.

The miracle of the human body is that it has a natural healing inteligence, which is capable of constantly rejuvenating itself. However when the imbalance of the functional intelligence within the human body, responsible for all physical and physiologycal processes and weakened digestive capacity allow toxic impurities to form this natural capacity of body gets blocked. To remedy this situation, Ayurveda offers the gift of "panchakarma" "The science of rejuvenation" . in this process, the body is purified of the degenerative influences of these foreign substances, thus freeing it to naturally exerise its inherent rejuvenative abilities.

The main objective of Ayurveda is to correct the imbalance of the essential forces Of "VATHA" "PITTHA" and "KAPHA".

                        "VATHA" Functional intelligence in the body that governs movements, transportation and drying and separating functions.

                        "PITTHA" Functional intelligence within the body governing all metabolic processes.

                         "KAPHA" Functional intelligence within the body governing cohesion, plhegm within.

All disease processes point to a crisis of undigested food toxicity in the body. Traditional Ayurveda Herbal Treatment offers health and fulfillment for every man and woman in every culture on the earth.Ayurveda is a part of the culture and the philosophy in Sri lanka.A basic principle of Ayurveda Treatment shows that by changing of food,habit and the way of life, you can achieve internal harmony of both the body and mind.

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